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Baccarat is a simple game where the player bets on which one of two hands will win (or on a Tie).

Casino patrons will no doubt be familiar with this popular card game, but the uninitiated shouldn’t be deterred to give this a try as the rules are easier to pick up than a stack of stuck-together chips.  The aim is to get a card total as close to 9 as possible, from a 2-card hand, where the score of a player’s hand is taken from the last digit. For example, a hand of 3 and 5 gives a score of 8, but a hand of 3 and 9 is worth 2 (3+9=12, but only the last digit is ever used, so it’s 2). Pretty simple, huh? In terms of card values, regular number cards (I.e. 2-9) are worth their face value, 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth zero, while Aces count as 1. A third card is drawn under certain conditions, but the game takes care of that, so you can stay focused and not get bogged down in the more complex rules. A maximum of 1,000 credits can be placed on Player or Banker, and up to 200 credits on Tie in the same hand. Bets on Player or Banker bring an even return, although there’s minus 5% commission upon winning Banker hands, while Tie bets offer 9 to 1 odds.

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